Have you ever wondered what the terms “metal decking” or “steel decking” mean? Perhaps you have a set of blueprints that call for a Vulcraft metal deck, and you want to know more about it. In this blog post, we will go through what metal decking is all about.

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Metal Decking Basics

What is It?

Metal decking, often known as corrugated metal sheeting, is used as a composite floor or structural roof deck. Steel joists or beams usually hold it up. Metal decks are used to support insulating roof membranes. They also support and connect with concrete to form composite metal floor decks.

Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, metal decking is less expensive to install and can handle materials efficiently. This product is excellent for multi-story buildings as it makes the ideal platform for a concrete floor or a roof.

What Are the Kinds of Metal Decking?

  • Pan Decking

Pan decking is a common type of metal decking and is made of corrugated sheet metal. However, it’s intended to support the concrete, not be utilized as a solo decking. The grooves will be filled with concrete, holding the latter in place while it cures.

  • Q Decking

Let’s talk about history first for this one. The HH Robertson business created Q Decking, the first metal decking, in the 1960s. It was a two- and three-inch deep composite floor deck named Q-Lock Floor. At present, Q decking is no longer available, and when people inquire about it, they usually just mean metal decking in general.

  • Aluminum Decking

Steel decking, as its name suggests, is a type of metal decking built of structural steel. This kind is advantageous for homes due to its high-end yet practical qualities, which include being affordable, recyclable, long-lasting, and non-combustible. Additionally, its favorable strength-to-weight ratio lowers building costs and expenditures associated with material handling.

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Metal Decking Usage

There are two main applications for metal decking: composite floor deck and structural metal roof deck. It is ideal for both applications due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, low cost, and simplicity of installation.

Metal Floor Decking

A corrugated metal panel known as metal floor decking is utilized in floor applications. It supports wet concrete and is laid over steel joists or steel beams. The vertical ridges of the decking have embossments that connect them to the concrete slab. When the concrete hardens, it transforms into a composite floor deck, increasing the floor’s strength without adding any additional weight. Below are the common uses of metal floor decking:

  • System of composite floor decking that supports the building’s design loads
  • Keep the concrete shape in place
  • Strengthens a building’s frame
  • A working platform for multistory construction

Metal Decking for Roofs

A corrugated metal panel known as metal roof decking is used for roofing applications. It offers a sturdy foundation for the installation of roofing materials, insulation, the roof’s waterproof membrane, and lightweight concrete. Just like metal floor decking, it is laid over steel joists or steel beams. The metal sheets are fastened to the steel via welding, mechanically fastening, or screwing.

Roof decking isn’t intended to have structural concrete poured on top of it because it has a smooth, embossed-free surface. A metal floor deck is necessary if structural concrete and a composite floor deck system are both required. Uses of metal roof decking are:

  • Roofs and trash gate enclosures.
  • Steel canopies, an awning-like structure that offers cover and protection.
  • Mezzanines, which are intermediate floors of a building and are coated in plywood, support a building’s roof system.

General Uses of Metal Decking

As provided earlier, metal decking can be utilized in mezzanines, steel canopies, enclosures, trash enclosures, ceilings, roof decks, patios, and floors.

Bare-bones mezzanines are an inexpensive way to add storage space in warehouses. Metal decking provides additional support for the plywood in mezzanine levels and long-lasting protection from physical impacts and other corrosive elements.

On the other hand, metal-decked canopies are adaptable additions to any house. They can be used as a carport, garden, patio expansion, pergola canopy, or just a basic storage area, among other things. Likewise, metal canopies shield items from the weather while providing shelter.

Finally, metal decking can be used to construct several kinds of enclosures. It provides more vital support and structural strength than wood does. Galvanized metal decking sheets, for instance, are malleable and non-corrosive. Building owners can customize these sheets with various styles to suit their tastes.

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Looking to Get a Vulcraft Metal Deck?

Metal decks are usually made of tin, steel, zinc, aluminum, and copper. As for the steel, it may be weathering, galvalume, and galvanized steel. If you’re looking for Vulcraft metal decks, our experts at Miami Metal Deck can provide you with several roof deck profiles – with every profile uniquely benefiting your industry. To know more about metal decks, kindly give us a call!