When combined with a standard assembly, a quality dovetail deck can offer unprecedented design flexibility and exceptional sound performance, having a range of floor assemblies and finishes that provide sound impact ratings over 50 and sound transmission ratings.

A quality dovetail deck with high sound ratings allows you to offer something that satisfies every client’s expectation. This will always align with your artistic vision, whether engineered wood, ceramic tile, or anything in between.

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All You Need to Know About Dovetail Deck

Dovetail Deck: What Is It?

It is a long-span metal decking technology and is accessible in both roof and floor decking. Its purpose is to create a finished-looking ceiling that enables you to mount electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or lighting to the bottom of the panels.

Dovetail deck is among the most adaptable and valuable items. This type of deck can achieve shallow floor depths, allowing you to fit more into multi-story buildings. With just five-and-a-half-inch deck depth, acoustical performance, fire resistance, strength, and fire resistance are all achievable.

This type allows you to create something with real impact by delivering design versatility.

What Are the Dovetail Decking Lead Times?

Lead time is the interval between the start and end of a production process. The lead time for dovetail steel decking is much longer than standard steel decking. You can anticipate a lead time of 6 to 16 weeks, though it will vary depending on the kind and gauge of the deck.

In contrast to ordinary metal decking, it is often unavailable in stock. Metal decking with dovetail joints is manufactured per order to guarantee quality. This is because you will be stuck in a difficult situation if you miscalculate and end up with fewer supplies than you need or if some of your materials are damaged.

Your job might easily be delayed by two to four months, and the cost of even a minor job would skyrocket since the freight alone might cost a hefty amount. Double-checking all dimensions and ordering extra sheets at the most extended necessary sheet lengths are also advised.

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Top Applications for Dovetail Floor Deck

The dovetail floor deck is made to bridge wide gaps while maintaining a shallow floor depth. With a multi-story building, you can add more floors thanks to this deck type.

Applications for the dovetail floor deck include the following:

  • When you have a long span project

Dovetail deck has substantially longer spans than conventional composite floor decking. Approximately 20 feet can be covered by a 2″ dovetail deck and 25 feet by a 3.5″ dovetail deck.

  • Creative flexibility

With a standard metal composite floor deck, you are limited in your design options. This type of metal decking system gives you more options. You have the luxury of installing any flooring over a concrete slab, including wood, tile, and carpet or leaving the top side of the concrete exposed for a contemporary industrial aesthetic.

The main distinction is that the metal decking’s underside will serve as a finished interior ceiling when used on a multi-story building. As a result, you won’t have to spend time and money building a new ceiling to hide the unfinished appearance of a standard steel floor deck.

  • Noise reduction is necessary

Dovetail deck is offered with an acoustical system to lessen noise levels inside the structure. Hence, it is widely used in libraries, theaters, gymnasiums, schools, and multi-story buildings.

Top Applications for Dovetail Roof Deck

In the past, using a system like B deck was your only option if your task called for a structural metal roof deck. This kind of system does not appear to be finished when viewed from underneath. The B-deck contains vast open gaps between the corrugations, weld burns, and dents. However, the dovetail deck can give you a few alternative options.

Applications for dovetail roof deck include the following:

  • When your span is long, reaching 10 feet to 25 feet

The dovetail deck can support substantially longer spans compared to the B or N deck. Up to 14′ can be covered by a 2″ dovetail deck, and up to 25′ using a 3.5″ dovetail deck.

  • You need a structural roof deck that looks finished

Dovetail decking is the ideal combination of a finished architectural ceiling and a structural roof deck. It’s the perfect solution to connect your building and bear the weight demands of your project while giving your ceiling a sleek, contemporary, and finished appearance.

  • You must hang any necessary plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or lighting systems

Dovetail deck is designed to allow you to hang all your lighting, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing components on a grid while hiding the fastening systems. Heavy loads or mechanical equipment can only be hung from dovetail decking using a single type of fastener.

Sometimes, swivel head fasteners are placed in any flat area of the decking’s bottom flange to help with the fastening. The connection features superb engineering that enables you to create your mechanical load requirements and performs similarly to a drywall anchor.

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Looking for Quality Dovetail Deck?

The dovetail roof deck of Miami Metal Deck has a beautiful look and great load capacity. Its acoustical roof and floor decks have exceptional sound-reduction technologies to assist in reducing the level of background noise. Contact our experts for more information!