Dovetail deck materials produce a highly functional and value-added deck type for roof systems. Significant strength and capacity for a longer span, as well as the extremely attractive underside for exposed ceilings, are advantages that these types of decking can offer.

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Different Kinds of Dovetail Decking

What Are the Kinds of Dovetail Roof Decking?

There are two versions of the Dovetail roof deck: Dovetail 2.0D and Dovetail 3.5D. Both kinds have comparable features, are offered in both acoustical and non-acoustical versions, and come in similar gauges. As to their primary differences, they differ when it comes to the depth of the panel and the engineering values.

  • 2.0 D Dovetail

This type of dovetail deck has a 2″ depth, thus the name 2.0D Dovetail. If your structure has shorter spans, you should choose a dovetail 2.0D roof deck because it will be less expensive than 3.5D decking.

As to its sheet lengths, the sheets are manufactured according to the client’s detailed specifications. Mostly, the sheets are up to a maximum of approximately 40′. However, if a client needs longer sheets than the maximum, they need to check them with the source provider to ensure that the materials are available.

If you’re asking about the finishes, it is composed of white priming paint, two coats of polyester, and it’s galvanized. When it comes to the gauge, the lightest gauge is 22, and the maximum gauge thickness is 16.

  • 3.5D Dovetail

Just like 2.0D Dovetail, 3.5D Dovetail got its name because it is 3.5″ in depth. Since it’s deeper, the latter costs more than the former but has a larger span capacity.

As to its sheet lengths and finishes, it’s the same as that with 2.0D Dovetail. The only difference between the two is the gauge. When it comes to the gauge, the lightest gauge is 20, and the maximum gauge thickness is 14.

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What Are the Kinds of Dovetail Roof Decking?

The Dovetail floor deck’s dimensions match those of the roof deck. Dovetail 2.0D Formlok® and Dovetail 3.5D Formlok® are the two options available. Both acoustical and non-acoustical Dovetail decking options are offered.

Concrete pouring over the Dovetail 2.0D Formlok® floor deck is a structural process. It will be less expensive than the 3.5D Formlok®, but it won’t last as long.

More or less, the features of both these roof decks are the same as those of the floor decks.

What Are the Kinds of Acoustical Dovetail Decking?

One of the special types of metal decks is acoustical Dovetail decks. When you’re planning to construct an establishment where noise needs to be lessened, this type of metal deck is the perfect option. Some of these establishments are restaurants, classrooms, laboratories, theaters, sporting arenas, and other structures where outdoor noise will be a huge concern.

How does it work? Acoustical metal decking has numerous microscopic perforations, which allow sound to pass through. The insulated batts that surround all of these holes subsequently absorb the sound. By dampening the reverberation of the metal decking, the enclosed sound-absorbing batts lower the noise.

Both roof and floor decking come in acoustical dovetail options. The gauges and finishes for the same panel types mentioned above are also available. They consist of:

  • 2.0DA
  • 3.5DA
  • 2.0DA Formlok®
  • 3.5DA Formlok®

The first two are, of course, the acoustical floor decks, and the last two are the acoustical roof decks.

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Get a Quote for the Type of Dovetail Deck You Want

Dovetail decking is the perfect choice if you need a strong metal deck with a finished ceiling. Moreover, if you believe that this type of decking is the best choice for you, we encourage you to learn more about your alternatives by carefully examining each kind.

Along the way, you will discover that it’s not an accessible material to source once you’ve determined which kind of dovetail deck is best for your work or industry. There are just a few businesses that sell it in each region because it is a specialized product.

You can get assistance from Miami Metal Deck with this unusual metal decking option. Dovetail decking can be shipped from the Southeast to the West Coast or anyplace else in the USA at a significant saving because of our knowledge and shipping networks.

We can also save you the time it takes to look for dovetail decking online because it’s a challenging product to find and should only be bought from a professional. Allow us to give you a free quote if you haven’t previously bought your metal decking.