With the rising interest in metal roofs, there is naturally more of a demand for them. This being said, there are more and more companies installing them, and mistakes are bound to be made. Knowing the top mistakes made when installing a metal roof will help avoid any damage to the building in the near or distant future. We’ve taken the time to compile a list to help avoid these mistakes! 


  • Mistake 1 – Not Measuring the Roof Correctly 

If you measure out your roof wrong, it can bring up unwanted expenses or even prolong the process. Using a roofing calculator and double or even triple-checking your measurements will allow you to avoid this common and simple mistake. 

  • Mistake 2 – Oil Canning A.K.A. Stress Wrinkling 

Oil canning is the rippling in flat areas of a metal roof. It can be a result of incorrectly tightening the fasteners or clips being incorrectly placed. Make sure not to tighten anything too tight, and that clips are correctly placed when installing your new roof. Stiffening ribs or striations can help control this problem.

  • Mistake 3 –  Incorrectly Overlapping Panels

Incorrectly overlapping panels can cause water damage if it gets in between them. Make sure you follow manufacturers’ standards for overlapping them and measure during the process in order to avoid this. 

  • Mistake 4 –  Buying the Wrong Roof for Your Needs

When searching for a metal roof, it is important to do your research in order to purchase the correct style for your needs. Different metal roofs are good for different environments or styles, and getting the right type will ensure a long-lasting roof. 

  • Mistake 5 –  Not Checking With Insurance Companies Prior to Installing

Insurance companies normally have different standards when it comes to the type of roof or building materials you use. Make sure to check with your insurance company to ensure everything is fully covered and there are no surprises if any accidents did happen. 

  • Mistake 6 –  Not Installing an Underlayment

While underlayment is not required when building a roof, it is highly recommended in order to avoid any sort of water damage and also insulate your roof even more. It’s also important to choose the correct underlayment for your needs, so make sure you do research on this product. 

  • Mistake 7 –  Using Slightly Different Colors

As easy as it would be to purchase a roof color similar to the one installed when you run out, most of the time you can tell there is a difference. Make sure if you are in need of extra panels to purchase the same color and material to avoid a mismatched look. 

  • Mistake 8 –  Using Incorrect Sealant

Not all sealants will work with a metal roof, so make sure to choose the correct sealant when finishing off your roof in order to avoid any sort of leaks and roof damage in the future.