A metal deck is solid sheeting used as a supportive structure for a roof or floor deck. Steel joists act as an aid for metal sheeting. They are the backbone of a roof’s insulating membrane. In fact, they can assist the concrete in producing a composite metal floor deck!  

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Why Choose Miami Metal Deck? 

We are Miami’s leading metal deck manufacturing company, with over forty years of experience in the industry! We supply both local and global businesses with an ample mix of steel decking materials. We ensure the highest quality service for every client.   

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What is a Steel Joist? 

A joist is a horizontal structure primarily used in framing to expand the open space, typically between beams. A steel joist supports ceilings and floors in a wide range of architectural works. A standard system is meant to support a floor deck or steel roof, acting as its foundation.   

Steel joists contain five key components: a top chord, bottom chord, bearing seat, interior web members, and an end web. They carry the weight of walls, people, and much more. Wood joists aren’t as durable as steel joists, which is why engineers prefer to work with steel joists.    

The Benefits of Steel 

Steel joists can effectively accommodate building renovations and dimensional changes. As opposed to wood, steel is far less likely to experience damage from moisture. They are known for their durability and outstanding flexibility. Steel joists can weigh up to 50% less compared to timber.  

Well-built structures require stability, and steel is less susceptible to bending or shifting. It’s also insect resistant. Studies have proven that steel homes show minimal damage to the framing structure during a house fire. Better yet, steel is non-combustible, unlike timber.  

The Downsides of Wood 

Termites, powder post beetles, and other vermin’s all pose a threat to wooden structures. They invade the wooden framing and feed on it. In some cases, it will nest inside of the timber. Over a billion dollars is spent every year on repair and prevention services alone. Each colony of termites, consisting of nearly three million insects, will typically survive around thirty-five years or more.  

Especially for Floridians, humidity can cause major problems for wood over time. Water causes wood to rot and eventually weaken. It allows the formation of black mold. Wood even expands in warmer climates and shrinks in cooler weather. You won’t have to worry about these frequent setbacks when working with steel. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, energy, and money.  

In terms of longevity, wooden planks last about fifteen years on average. Steel framing will remain intact for more than twice as long.   

Is Rust a Problem? 

A common concern surrounding steel structures is their vulnerability to rust. Zinc coating actively protects the outer layer of the steel, preventing the likelihood of corrosion.  

Steel and the Environment 

When you are working with steel, you’re being environmentally efficient. On average, steel produces about one and five-tenths feet of waste, whereas wooden structures generate around fifty cubic feet of waste. Especially for Florida residents, hurricanes can be a serious threat to construction. Steel possesses a resilience stable enough to withstand the highest winds. Hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings all depend on steel for its impeccable strength and resilience. 

Steel is also completely recyclable! It takes over twenty trees to build a single twenty-five hundred square foot home. Millions of tons of steel are recycled every year. It beats the amount of paper and plastic recycled annually.  

Living Conditions 

When it comes to your home, feeling safe, secure, and comfortable is a must. Steel framing is recommended for excellent indoor air quality. Individuals prone to asthma are encouraged to use steel framing within their homes, as steel prevents several toxins from invading the airflow.   

The Coming Years  

Steel joists are replacing wooden beams to improve a structure’s longevity. They’re a great investment, as they can last for over fifty years. With significant improvements in technology, the lifespan of steel beams is likely to surpass a hundred years.  

How Steel Joists Save You Money 

Because steel joists weigh significantly less than wooden joists, the structure’s dimensions and its supporting elements can be reduced to lower the final cost. You’re signing up for long-term sustainability while being economically efficient.  

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Why Trust Us for Your Steel Joist? 

For the past 40 years, we have been trusted by countless developers, homeowners, architects, and building manufacturers from all walks of life. We can guarantee you quality service with a fast turnaround. 

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