Much has been said about your roof serving as your first line of defense from harsh weather elements, like the torrential rain and the scorching sun. While standing seam and exposed fasteners are both metal roofs and utilize a steel roof deck, a few dissimilarities separate the two. Thus, you need to choose which one to use for your home carefully.  

This article will present an honest comparison of the two different roofing styles to provide a clear guide on which one works for you.

man finishing a steel roof deck

Standing Seam Roofing System Versus Exposed Fasteners: What’s the Difference?  

A standing seam metal roofing system is defined as having vertical legs with broader, raised seams to provide a more effortless flow of water and other elements or objects. It has fasteners hidden from view – either attached by a clip to the roof deck or fastened to the deck under the vertical leg. For these reasons, standing seam systems offer higher quality and are the best option for modern architectural designs.  

On the other hand, exposed fastener metal roofing has exposed fastener heads that are not hidden under a seam. This roofing system uses metal panels that overlap and are fastened together through nails, screws, or hooks. They are more economical than the standing seam system and are traditionally used in residential, structural, agricultural, and industrial buildings.

Advantages of Standing Seam and Exposed Fasteners Metal Roofing  

Advantages of Standing Seam

No Exposed Fasteners

One noticeable difference is that the standing seam roofing style does not have exposed fasteners. But why is this an advantage? For one, when roofing contractors drill holes into your roof to place the nails and screws, you compromise the integrity of your roof to protect itself from UV rays, moisture, and wind. These are weather elements that may hasten the degradation of your metal roof, causing it to wear out earlier than it should.   

Another common issue with having fasteners is water leakage and penetration. That is especially true if the installation process was not done thoroughly, causing discrepancies in your roofing system. Lastly, exposed fasteners can be unsightly. They destroy the look of your home from a bird’s eye view.   

Longer Lifespan

Although metal roofing naturally lasts longer than asphalt shingles and concrete tiles, standing seam systems last even longer because the metal is not exposed to weather elements. That makes your roof less susceptible to damage, so you have to endure fewer maintenance issues.   

However, contractors still strongly suggest that you submit your metal roofing to regular maintenance checkups to see if there’s any need for repairs before the problem gets out of hand.   

Sleek and Modern Look  

Standing seam systems are rising in popularity because of their sleek and modern design. The straight lines of the panels offer a better look to the house. On top of that, they come with a PVDF paint system, lengthening the lifespan of the appearance of your roof. You may choose from a wide variety of colors to match your home’s aesthetics.

Advantages of Exposed Fasteners Roofing System  

More Affordable  

Metal roofing with exposed fasteners is less expensive compared to standing seam systems. Some factors that contribute to this are the wider metal panels you can get. You will only need to buy fewer panels to cover your entire deck. Also, the work gets done faster because contractors only need to install fewer panels.   

Additionally, exposed fastener systems also utilize thinner and cheaper metal. Fewer accessories are needed since the metal roofs are attached to the structure directly through the fasteners, eradicating the need for foam closures and special clips.   

Performs Relatively Well

So long as the metal panels are installed with utmost care and attention, they perform relatively well in protecting your house and keeping water out. You may also have as many attachments to the structure as you want since you can fasten the entire width of the panels. However, you have to be extra careful when buying the materials since exposed fastener roofs are not built with stringent industry standards.   

More Contractors to Choose From 

Because the installation process of exposed fastener systems is less complicated than standing seam systems, more contractors promise they can do the job. More contractors have the skills, experience, and tools to properly follow the process by lining up the panels, cutting them to match the roof’s dimensions, and correctly spacing the fasteners. In this case, you won’t have a hard time looking for an expert team you can trust with your roofing system.

Installing a steel roof deck

Do You Need a Steel Roof Deck for Your Roofing System?

It’s only fitting and proper that you are as meticulous in choosing a reputable steel roof deck manufacturer to go with your roofing system. These two go hand in hand to ensure you won’t have to leave your house when a vicious storm lashes out of your home.  

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