The construction industry has continued to evolve by innovating new and longer-lasting materials for your home’s architecture. One of the greatest examples of this is the use of the corrugated metal panel. However, just because these materials are durable doesn’t mean that they won’t need repairs or replacements.  

When it comes to home repairs and upgrades, the roof is often the first thing on most homeowners’ minds. In addition to providing a durable barrier for your home against the elements, your roof is also likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make when it comes to your home.  

Because of this, it’s important to do your research and ask questions before choosing a roofing contractor. That way, you can find a service provider who will deliver on their promise of quality work and do it the right way the first time. 

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important questions to ask a roofing company before hiring them. 

workers discussing about the installation of corrugated metal panel

What to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring Them 

Are You Licensed?  

Check to see that the contractor you’re considering is licensed. It is important to ensure you hire a licensed roofing company in the state where the work will be done. There are many different types of licenses available to roofing businesses, including a contractor’s license, a roofing license, and a license for commercial work.  

Depending on the type of work you need, your state may require you to hire a company that has taken certain types of courses or has passed a certain examination to be licensed. 

Do You Provide Insurance to Your Workers? 

A roofing contractor should always be willing to provide insurance for workers engaged in the work. The reason is that, in an incident where a worker is injured on your property, you need to be covered for any resulting medical expenses. It is always a good idea to have coverage for any legal liabilities that may arise from work on your property.  

It is also a good idea to have a worker’s compensation policy that will cover you if a worker on your property suffers a work-related injury. All of this will be taken care of when you engage the services of a roofing contractor that offers workman’s compensation insurance.  

Do You Provide a Warranty on My New Roof? 

When selecting a roofing contractor, it is important to ask whether they provide any warranty on your new roof. This is important because you want to know that, in the event of a problem or issue with your roof, the roofing contractor is there to help you fix things. It’s also important to ensure that the roofing company you hire is willing to stand behind their work.  

Typically, a roof warranty includes an inspection process and a money-back guarantee if a problem arises with your roof. If you are not satisfied with the job they did, you can choose to have another roof installed or have the company return your money. This is important to ensure you are dealing with a roofing company you can trust.  

Will There Be Someone On-Site with Whom I Can Communicate? 

Roofers understand that, as a homeowner, you will be concerned with the safety of your family. They will ensure that you are comfortable with their work and provide someone to stay on your property with you when they are working. They should also see to it that someone will be available to follow up with you about any questions you may have as they are working. 

architects and builders supervising the installation of corrugated metal panel

A Good Roofing Company and the Use of Corrugated Metal Panels Will Yield Great Results 

The durability of your home’s roof does not only lie in the skillful installation of the roofing company. Above all, you need to get the best material to ensure that your roof will last longer. If you need help with these, call us at Miami Metal Deck to see how we can assist you.