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Non-Composite Floor Deck

Non-composite decks are also known as form decks, because they are literally used to ‘form’ structural concrete. Essentially they consist of a stay-in-place steel deck that is used when only the form for a concrete slab is required.

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In-Stock: Non-Composite Floor Deck

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For concrete pouring of floors and mezzanines, 3 profiles available.

We offer a wide variety of in-stock non-composite floor decks for concrete slabs for structural concrete.

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All of our deck products meet the requirements for steel deck certification specifications of Steel Deck Institute.

Non-Composite Decks are used as a foundation for floors, stairways, or mezzanine floors. The decks will act as a permanent base that reinforces the concrete and give it lateral stability so that it does not slip.


Typically non-composite decks come in three different profiles: Type “S” (Standard Form Decks), Type “HD” (Heavy Duty Form Deck), and Type “BI” (Inverted Form Deck).


Each type of form deck differs in terms of the weight of the concrete that it can support. Additionally the depth of the slab and the support spacing need to be taken into account when choosing the non-composite deck.


The uniform load being supported is normally not a factor when selecting a non-composite deck. That is because it is only being used to form concrete, and is not designed to provide positive reinforcement.

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