There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the color or your metal roofs like windows designs, doors, and the actual design of the home. All of these things can become overbearing and make it likely to miss something important when choosing your roofing system. The three biggest factors to consider are the color of your home, along with the design of the metal roofing itself and the structural support.  

First and foremost, the most important thing to consider is the fact that your roof is for structural support. You will need to choose a roofing system that is structurally sound with your building and will hold for a long time. While metal roofs are typically sturdy, getting it installed professionally in a way that works well with your building ensures that nothing can go wrong or become a safety hazard to those inside or around the building. 


There are many different designs for a metal roof to consider. Each has a different purpose, so doing research is important in knowing which one is best for your project. There are some that are more appealing for residential buildings, while some are better for commercial buildings. Some of these options include standard panels, metal tiles, and metal shingles, shakes, and slates. The standard panels and standing seam panels are more of a basic metal roofing and might look better on a commercial building as they are more standard. Metal tiles are created to look just like your typical Spanish-clay, Roman tiles, and Villa tiles. There’s also a metal roof that is designed to imitate your average shingles, shake, or slate-style roof. These may look better on a residential building to fit in with other homes in the neighborhood. 


When choosing the color of your metal roof, it’s important to know that the color will stick for years to come. Try not to get too carried away when choosing the color of your new roof and keep in mind siding, windows, and the landscape in which your building sits. You can also get unpainted metal roofing and do it yourself or get it professionally finished later on. Remember there are many options when it comes to choosing the color of your roof, and darker or lighter colors can have a different effect on your insulation, heating, and cooling. Lighter colors tend to reflect the sun rays a bit better than darker colors but both are still energy efficient. 


Different types of finish used can also affect the durability of the paint and protection on the roof. It can also affect the look of the building as well. Typically, metal roofs have a low gloss finish rather than high gloss, but it all depends on how you’d like your roof to look. 


Hopefully, you take all these into consideration when designing your new metal roofing. If any questions arise or you are looking for help, feel free to give us a call as we’d be more then happy to help.