It’s frightening and upsetting to learn that a storm damaged your roof, and only the corrugated steel decking was left. It needs to be constructed immediately, but it can be challenging while juggling the burden of making an insurance claim to fix or replace your roof.

After discovering the damage caused by the storm, the next step in restoring it is to hire a dependable and trustworthy roofing contractor. An expert contractor will help you navigate the claims procedure with your insurance provider and guarantee that your house is quickly returned to its original state.

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Things to Remember When Getting a Roofing Contractor


Whether a potential contractor or engineer offers a warranty or not is among the most crucial information you need to take into account before hiring one. A roofing installation should come with two different warranties: a workmanship warranty and a manufacturer warranty.

The former kind of warranty protects you against improper installation. On the other hand, the latter protects you against flaws in the actual roofing material, such as shingles and corrugated steel decking.

Although professional contractors make it a point to guarantee their workmanship, paying for an error or unsatisfactory service you weren’t involved in is the last thing you want to do.

Don’t Neglect the Warning Signs

Unfortunately, there are some contractors out there that are untrustworthy service providers. Several of them swarm to storm-affected areas where they swindle unwary householders with promises of pre-payment or waived deductibles.

Selecting an area contractor with a good reputation is the best approach to avoid scams. You can do this by verifying their licensing and physical business address. Below are additional red flags to be aware of:

  • Stay away from anyone trying to get you to sign a contract immediately.
  • Avoid hiring contractors who demand a sizable cash deposit or the total cost of the project upfront.
  • Any observation in your quotes that does not appear to be expected should be looked into. Unless the material type differs significantly from the others, all estimates ought to be comparable.

Years of Experience

Most homeowners wouldn’t want to choose a roofing repair provider with little to no experience. Because it takes a while for contractors to become proficient in handling various roofing issues, you must get those who have already served years of experience.

A contractor who has been in the business for a while will undoubtedly have maintained roofs that they have previously installed annually. They’re aware of the best procedures and equipment. Additionally, you can be confident that these experts have experience dealing with roofing issues brought on by the various weather conditions in your area.

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Look Into Client Reviews

Doing background checks on roofing contractors that homeowners are interested in working with can easily be done online. You can quickly get plenty of customer reviews on local listings by searching for the roofing contractor’s name. However, it would help if you ensured these reviews are legitimate.

Aside from Angie’s List, you can also check your contractors on Yellow Pages, Google My Business, and Yelp. Additionally, you can also look into the Better Business Bureau. While scanning through the positive reviews, you should also consider negative reviews. Keep an eye out for a roofer’s response to concerns.

Insurance and Licensing

Do a roofing contractor’s license and insurance have to be up-to-date? Absolutely. This will ensure that you hire qualified roofers who can complete your roofing job accordingly. Licensed contractors have completed several exams, are knowledgeable about the field, provide contracts, and have received formal training.

Contractors that hold a license also carry insurance. Insurance safeguards both you and the contractors from workplace accidents. This implies that, rather than you, if a roofer sustains an injury while working on your roof, their employer will be responsible for paying compensation.

Locate and Hire a Trustworthy Roofing Contractor

You should look for a reliable local contractor who can finish the project efficiently and speedily. In locating and hiring a contractor, you can consider the following suggestions:

  • Ask for recommendations from reliable people such as your friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Utilize technology and modernization to connect with reliable roofing contractors nearby.

Independent Contractors vs. Roofing Corporations

There are two classifications of roofing contractors to consider when you’re ready to hire: independent contractors and roofing firms. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Always compare quotes to find the best deal, and verify the qualifications, references, and reviews of the contractor or company.

For urgent repairs, independent roofing contractors can be helpful. Large tasks, like replacing your old roof, may take longer to finish because they work alone or with subcontractors.

Roofing businesses are more likely to deal with more materials, finish big loads of work more quickly, give discounts or free consultations, and have their work protected by manufacturer warranties.

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Can a Roofing Contractor Fix Your Corrugated Steel Decking?

Choosing the best expert to handle your roofing needs is never easy. We hope this article will help you hire an exceptional roofing contractor or company, especially when you have corrugated steel decking. Get hold of us for more information.