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Roof Deck Accessories

All of our deck products meet the metal deck specifications certification requirements of Steel Deck Institute.  Accessories and other hardware are often essential to complete projects with metal decks. Some projects may require certain types of standard accessories, while others may require more specialized hardware.

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Cell closures, pour stops and girder closures are some of the most frequently used accessories. Cell closures are designed to close off the open ends of metal decks in order to prevent concrete from spilling through them.

Similarly girder closures will close the gap between the weak end of a metal deck and the adjacent beam so that concrete doesn’t fall through it, and pour stops provide a more general barrier and stopping point for when concrete is poured.

Additionally some projects may require hanger tabs, ridge and valley plates, or welding washers. At the end of the day the accessories that are required will depend on the specifications of the deck as well as the project itself.

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