The dovetail deck has grown in popularity recently, and many people are wondering whether they’re right for their home or business. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of the questions people most frequently ask about these decks

In this article, you’ll learn what they are, why people use them, where you can get them, and more. Our hope is that this helps you better understand whether dovetail decks are right for you and your building. 

roofers installing dovetail decking

What Are Dovetail Decks? 

Dovetail decks are structures that are designed to carry significant amounts of weight. They can be used for floors, ceilings, or other areas that require significant load-bearing. 

Why Is It Called Dovetail? 

Dovetail decks are named after dovetail joints, commonly used in many projects because they don’t fall apart easily. These joints got their name because they look like the tail of a dove. 

How Much Do Dovetail Decks Cost? 

Typically, dovetail decks are going to be more expensive than regular decks because of the workmanship required. That said, the pricing is much better for buyers in Miami, since these decks are manufactured here. 

Because there aren’t any manufacturers currently on the West Coast, Californians have to spend significantly more if they want to use dovetail decks for their projects. This is especially unfortunate given the current difficulties facing the country’s supply chain. 

Not all projects will necessitate the added expense of a dovetail deck. If you’re unsure, your local deck expert should be able to help you determine what’s right for your needs. 

Types of Dovetail Decks 

There are several major kinds of metal decking. These are two of the biggest factors that typically separate them: 

  • Acoustic vs. Non-Acoustical – If the dovetail decking is being used in a populated area, its noise-reducing qualities can be essential for helping keep sound at a manageable level. 
  • Thickness – When looking at metal decking, it’s essential to consider its thickness. This determines how strong it is, but the thicker it is, the costlier it will be as well. 

How Big Is Dovetail Decking? 

Like other forms of metal decking, dovetail decks typically aren’t created in sheets that are larger than 40’. This is because it’s hard to ship them at greater sizes. 

That said, working directly with a metal decking manufacturer can help you get a larger one if you’re also able to pick it up and bring it back to your location. 

Why People Use Dovetail Decks 

Dovetail decking has grown increasingly popular because it can support a significant length of space without requiring the thickness of some other materials. Depending on what it was designed for, it’s strong enough to support concrete laid on top of it. Some people, though, prefer the appearance of it without concrete. 

It’s especially useful for the ceiling, where it can look nice while also supporting the weight of the roof. This makes it different from many other forms of metal decking, which often look unfinished.  

Is Dovetail Decking Eco-Friendly? 

Yes! Like other forms of metal decking, dovetail decking is eco-friendly. This is because of its longevity and its recyclability. Metal doesn’t need to be replaced as often as many other roofing materials. Even when it does need to get replaced, the metal can still be used for other purposes. 

Just as important, metal helps reduce the amount of energy needed to cool a home. The reduced energy use is good for the environment, as well as a building owner’s wallet.  

Does My Roof Need Anything Other Than Dovetail Decking? 

Yes, your roof needs more than just the metal deck, which is designed to support the other parts of the roof. Insulation, membrane, and concrete are all typically used to keep people in a building safe from the elements. 

Should I Worry About Corrosion? 

Corrosion is a problem in many areas of the world, but we here in Miami have to make special note of it, given the humidity in our air. 

Typically, metal decks are galvanized, which is designed to protect them from moisture and thus reduce the chances of corrosion. If you choose to get an ungalvanized deck, make sure to prime and paint the deck. While this can be more cost-effective, it’s also typically a labor-intensive project. 

a pile of dovetail deck panels

Looking for a Dovetail Deck? 

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