Small amounts of acids and salts are carried by water leaks from the surface of the roof and, in other circumstances, from the surfaces of the insulation that the water has flowed through. While a Steel Deck is unquestionably the most durable outdoor deck, you still need to maintain it properly to prolong its quality.

Due to its various advantages over competing materials, steel platforms are increasingly being employed in several construction applications. However, despite its toughness, steel decks are still susceptible to rust.

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Steel Deck and Corrosion

Causes of Steel Deck Corrosion

The three main factors that impact steel deck corrosion are liquid moisture, oxygen, and temperature. A combination of these factors can cause steel deck corrosion, especially when the leaks went unfixed for a long time and subsequently got worse from exposure to the environment.

It’s also possible that corrosion is caused by a chemical interaction between moisture and the roof’s insulation. This is most likely possible if the structure was constructed before 2000. In the 1980s and 1990s, most construction companies used roofing insulation materials, such as phenolic foam and cane-based (bagasse) fiberboard products. When exposed to moisture and when there is no separation barrier between the insulation and the top of the metal deck, corrosion is more likely to happen.

Where to Spot Corrosion on a Steel Deck

Following prolonged membrane leaking, corrosion has been discovered beneath all forms of insulation. If this is the case, you must replace the roof, deck overlay, insulating layers, and all or part of the steel deck substrate to stop structural problems.

It could harm your steel deck if the activity carried out within the structure is excessively acidic. The most prevalent issue created by metal plating and acid baths are vapors from the building.

Regular roof care is essential if your building processes products that emit acidic vapor. In this way, you’ll be able to prevent harm. The damage to the deck substrate is frequently unknown until the roof is replaced and the deck is open for examination. After the existing roof is removed and if there is a problem, it will raise concerns that some deck corrosion on the top side of the deck substrate is hidden from view within the roof assembly.

Since the insulation contains steel components that make up your deck, corrosion problems frequently arise when you address leaks.

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Maintenance of a Steel Deck

Applying a quality surface primer is one of the most crucial things you can do to practice preventative care when maintaining a steel deck. By safeguarding your steel deck and making future maintenance much more straightforward, this step fulfills a dual purpose in the maintenance of your purchase.

Since most businesses offer these primers in spray or roll-on forms, the primer is applied similarly to paint. Whichever type you select, you only need one coat to add an extra layer of defense against the weather. Both varieties of priming paints are available at the nearby home improvement store.

How to Repair a Rusted Deck

Despite careful maintenance and unexpected occurrences, and your steel deck starts to rust, there are techniques to get it back to the way it was. The rust on the steel deck must first be removed to check the bare metal.

To do this, you’ll need to buy some black, heavy-grit metal sandpaper. This is different from wood sandpaper in color. This sandpaper is available in grit numbers equivalent to wood sandpaper and has been created explicitly for metals. To remove the rust, start by rubbing the rusted areas using a low-numbered paper (80 or lower), then move on to a higher-numbered paper (150 or above). The primer of your choice can be applied when all the rust from the steel deck has been removed.

Most metal primers don’t come in many colors, but you may paint your steel deck using specially formulated metal paints to give it a final layer. These paints provide the best corrosion protection when used with a primer. To provide the best protection, it is advised that you apply a fresh coat of finished paint every few months. But after three layers, it’s generally advisable to sand the old paint off and start again with a new primer foundation.

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What to Do if You Notice Steel Deck Corrosion

Contact a diagnostic team immediately to evaluate your steel deck if you think it will corrode. As previously stated, some effects caused by steel deck corrosion may be stopped or reversed. Contact us if your roof is leaking or if you have questions about the stability of your roof. At Miami Metal Deck, we have the most qualified crew. Contact us for more information.