Metal Roofing System

When working with metal panels, you may hear the terms corrugated metal panel. and standing seam metal panel. What exactly are these and what is the difference between the two? We’re here to find out!


  • What are corrugated and standing seam metal panels?  

These metal panels are used when designing and installing a metal roof system. They both offer the same performance as each other, but there are a few differences, such as their look and cost. Corrugated roofs have more of a bumpy look with lots of ridges to it, while a standing seam roof is a bit sleeker in its design. 


  • What is the difference between the two panels?

Corrugated metal roofs require maintenance more often than standing seam roofs in order to keep them in the best shape possible. Rust is going to be a concern for any metal roof you install, but coating them with the proper product will help prevent this problem for all metal roofs. They both hold up equally well in terms of weather, and the biggest difference between the two panels is the price, look, and maintenance. 


  • What is the cost difference between the two? 

Standing seam metal panels are going to be quite a bit more expensive than corrugated metal panels. This is because of its sleek design and the thicker and better materials put into it, along with the fact that it requires less maintenance. 


  • The difference in the lifespan. 

They will both last just as long as the other, as long as you keep up on maintenance. Make sure all the fasteners are secure on a regular basis to ensure the panels with not start to separate risking damage to your roof. 


To sum things up, there’s not too much of a difference between these two types of metal roof panels. They are both equally as durable, and if you don’t care about the number of maintenance checks needed, they are both just as easy to take care of. It really just depends on the look you are going for when it comes to your building design.