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Composite Floor Deck

A permanent form for concrete slab pouring, available in 3 profiles.

Metal composite decks are made up of slabs or supported spans and are commonly-used in the construction of floors, stairways, and other types of decks. Concreate is then pumped onto the deck to complete the composite system.

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Aside from acting as a frame, a metal composite deck that is fused with concrete normally will have superior strength and stiffness. That is because the beams, deck, and concrete will act together structurally.

The main benefit of a composite deck is that it can be installed quickly, and is both efficient and effective. On top of that it is lightweight and generally economical compared to the other alternatives.

 It is possible for composite decks to come in various different shapes and sizes. Not only can its structure differ from one type to the next, but its thickness, strength, and ability to carry heavy-duty loads may vary as well.

Technically some composite decks may be made from materials other than metal, but they aren’t as widely-used in construction.

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In-Stock Composite Decking in 1-1/2″ Composite, 2″ Composite and 3″ Composite

All of our composite floor deck products meet the requirements for steel deck certification specifications of Steel Deck Institute.

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