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In-Stock: Composite Floor Deck

A permanent form for concrete slab pouring, available in 3 profiles.

In-Stock: Composite Floor Deck

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A permanent form for concrete slab pouring, available in 3 profiles.

Roof Deck provides a support surface for roofing materials and serves as a secondary structural member to aid in lateral force distribution. MIAMI METAL DECK offers a full range of sizes and shapes for new construction or to accommodate retrofitting and expansion of older buildings.

Metal composite decking is designed to infuse concrete and metal decking for high-efficiency fast construction decking solution. Utilizing metal composite floor decks dramatically reduces the overall cost of projects due to significantly eliminated the number of joists needed to secure a floor.

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In-Stock Composite Decking in 1-1/2″ Composite, 2″ Composite and 3″ Composite

All of our composite floor deck products meet the requirements for steel deck certification specifications of Steel Deck Institute.

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