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As one of the top metal building manufacturers in the construction we want to be your first choice. For the construction of metal buildings and the steel structures of buildings, Miami Metal Deck has everything you need.

We can supply the metal parts you need–metal deck, joists & bars, and hardware & accessories. For customized lengths, you can call today, give us your measurements, and we will cut all metal deck to spec.

Whether you are a fabricator, erector, or contractor, building anything from garages, storage units, or warehouses, or you need the steel parts for the skeleton of a larger project, rely on Miami Metal Deck.

B-Deck Wide Rib Roof Deck

The B Deck wide rib roof deck is our most popular item. It’s reliable, strong, and ready for pickup or delivery in standard lengths, widths, and finishes.

You can even drive to our shop and pick up your order on the same day.

Vented B Deck System

If you’re a contractor, then you know you can’t move onto the next step in the building process until the previous step is complete. And adding decking can tack on serious length to a project, since waiting for concrete to dry is not fast.

But our specially engineered V-deck system will expedite construction work on your projects. You won’t wait as long on this step, because our vented decking solution has holes in the decking that allows concrete to dry twice as fast. And the V-deck system is every bit as strong as other metal deck systems.

Why Shop Miami Metal Deck?

We are certified members of the Steel Joist Institute. Our products are manufactured following all of the SJI’s specifications. And we have an engineer on staff who oversees all projects so you know you picked the bst.

We offer same day shipping/pickup on most items. If you are close enough to our Florida shop–whether you’re in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, or Georgia–you may want to do an on-site pick-up to get your materials faster


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