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Architects and Engineers

With Miami Metal Deck, there’s no limit to the potential of your designs. We have more than 40 years of experience partnering with multiple industries, including architects and engineers. No matter the size and scope of your project, we’ll assure that what you’ve got on the page gets off the ground. No matter your vision, we can provide engineered steel joist and decking to fit your need.

We have proven experience working with design professionals and have the design flexibility and versatility to help you create a range of large-sized and small-sized structures, including:

  • Structural Steel Frames
  • Central Steel Structures
  • Large Open Interiors
  • Livestock Housing
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Buildings
  • Barns

Partner with Miami Metal Deck

Architects and engineers benefit from working with metal materials. Metal makes it easy to add to preexisting structures and build out new structures. Any shape is easy enough to create. No size project is too big or too small.

We can deliver the metal materials you need to create your next audacious project, from massive car dealership showrooms to formidable Church Worship Centers to modern-styled University Halls.

Miami Metal Deck manufactures and supplies the metal decking and accessories to support any size architectural or engineering project. Browse the categories in our catalog and place your order:

Precision is Key 

We know the importance of precision. So, we keep a team of engineers on hand to assist with your projects. Once you provide us drawings and specs, our in-house engineer reviews the materials and ensures that your materials meet your project’s needs during the manufacturing phase. Miami Metal Deck is a member of the Steel Deck Institute. And we:

  • Offer same day shipping/pickup on most items
  • Cut the metal deck you need to spec
  • Retain an engineer to oversee all projects

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