Miami Metal Deck is an excellent choice for outdoor projects. However, which metal should you pick for your decking material? Should you choose aluminum or steel?

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Which Material Should You Use for Your Metal Decking?

Before discussing the pros and cons of aluminum and steel, it’s worth talking about the three factors influencing your choice of decking material. These are:


Budget refers to how much you want to spend on the initial costs of installing your decking. Two things come into play here – the price of the material and the installation cost. You will need to conduct in-depth research into these two factors before deciding how much you want to spend. This includes interviewing potential contractors and material suppliers.

Long-Term Maintenance Cost

Long-term upkeep should also be considered when choosing a material for your decking. You should determine how often you’ll be conducting maintenance on your decks. Some materials like wood can rot over time and must be periodically replaced. This recurring expense could burn through your budget if you don’t fully consider this factor.


Some materials last longer than others. Wood, for instance, is often seen as aesthetically superior but does not last as long as aluminum or steel. The longevity of your decking will also figure into your long-term upkeep. You might want to balance looks and practicality when weighing your options.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Steel


Steel is durable and can handle more weight than traditional materials like wood. You can use steel decks as support for concrete, for instance. This durability can extend even to the main structure of the house. Using steel decks for your porch, for example, provides horizontal support for the building and reinforces its strength.

There’s an abundant supply of raw steel, which makes for a highly competitive market. This makes the material relatively inexpensive to acquire for your decking project. You can save money on materials you can divert to labor or other future endeavors.

Steel is easy to install, meaning you can also save money on labor costs. Professionals will take only a few hours to prepare the decks for concrete pouring. This allows your team to proceed to the concrete phase of the construction as soon as possible. Steel decks can also be pre-cut and shaped according to your specifications before delivery.

Lastly, steel is resistant to most elements. It can withstand constant exposure to water, heat, and flame.


While sturdy and durable, steel is prone to rusting after exposure to moisture and heat. You have to constantly treat it to prevent corrosion in any exposed part of your steel deck. This can cost you money over time. If left unattended, rusted portions of your steel decking can become a safety issue.

Steel decking may also require highly experienced laborers to install. While the material has been around for decades, steel decks are a recent construction innovation. You will need to find a team that is already familiar with the ins and outs of installing steel decking.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum


Aluminum is a newcomer to the decking material community. One of its main advantages is weight. Aluminum deck planks are significantly lighter than steel and can be easily transported from the hardware outlet to the home. It even weighs less than wood, the second most popular decking material next to steel.

Aluminum decks have a unique interlocking feature. When completely installed, the deck is watertight. The planks also have water draining channels to funnel water out of the deck during rainy weather and storms.

Aluminum’s remarkable resistance to flame and water complements its watertight and self-draining attributes. Unlike steel, it does not readily corrode or rust after exposure to water and other elements. The material also does not blacken or burn if subjected to fire.

The metal is also very aesthetic. If you fancy the looks of wood, for instance, but don’t want to frequently deal with rot, you can purchase aluminum planks painted to look like wood.


For now, aluminum is a scarce material for decking. There are not that many producers of aluminum planks yet, although experts think that the market will see growth in the future. Many homeowners also find the color or appearance choices for aluminum very limited.

Lastly, aluminum has higher heat retention than wood, although it does not hold heat as long as steel does. Positioning your aluminum deck directly under sunlight will make the space uninhabitable for the day.

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