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The Miami Metal Deck Story…

Our team prides itself as Miami’s leading metal deck manufacturing company. Our business goals are to offer customers professional quality metal deck manufacturing with fast turnaround and shipping of most metal decks.

Over 40 Years of Experience

We hold ourselves up to the highest of metal decking manufacturing and distributing standards, and have been in the industry for over 40 years.

Our team offers an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience distributing wide ranges of metal decking materials and accessories for roofing and general construction projects.

Stainless Steel Deck
MIAMI METAL DECK offers construction decking products in T-304 and T-316 stainless steel for corrosive industrial environments.

Made with a minimum 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is non-magnetic. The chromium and nickel content provides corrosion and oxidation resistance. T-304 stainless is suitable for use in tobacco mills, chemical processing, food, dairy, and beverage industries.

For severe environments – in addition to the properties of T-304, T-316 contains molybdenum, which increases the corrosion resistance to withstand more corrosive industrial chemicals and solvents. T-316 stainless is ideal for use in pulp and paper industries, textile mills, oil & gas industry, production of inks, chemicals, bleaches, and dyes.

Aluminum Deck
MIAMI METAL DECK also offers aluminum decking products, available in many different alloys. Aluminum is lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistant. It is often used in wide-span or large scale structures where weight reduction is an important consideration, without sacrificing the stiffness and strength of steel. Use of aluminum building materials helps projects qualify for green building status under the LEED standards.

Conveniently Located For Fast Shipping

Miami Metal Deck is conveniently located in Miami Gardens, with nearby seaports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we are also well situated to serve markets in the Caribbean, Central, and South America.

We continue to supply many local and global companies and contractors with a variety of steel decking materials, created with the highest degree of precision and care.

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