Many homeowners build their dream home without giving much thought to the roof. However, a good roof is one of the most important parts of a home, protecting you from the elements while providing insulation and cooling. Most roofs are made from the same basic materials, but you can use different decking options to achieve different goals. For example, corrugated steel decking will provide better insulation and durability than those other options. 

Choosing the right roof decking material can make or break a roof’s curb appeal, and it’s something you should take time to research. Understanding the various types of roof decking material available will help you determine which option is best for your home. This article will cover the three most common types of roof decking material homeowners can choose from. 

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Roof Decking Materials 

Wood Roof Decking 

This decking is one of the least expensive options but does require occasional maintenance, such as regular repainting and staining. That is because this material is prone to rotting, buckling, or warping, especially in damp environments. However, while wood roof decking may not be best for homes with a lot of exposure to the elements, it is still durable and is an option for people who want a more rustic, traditional appearance.  

Famous examples of materials used for wood roof decking are zip wood and plywood. Zip wood is a composite material made from wood, combined with a foam-based material and resin to give it strength, while plywood is a wood composite that you can make from several different species.  

Both materials offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages. For example, zip wood is typically more expensive than plywood but lighter and less prone to warping. It’s also more resistant to fading or discoloration, making it more suitable for darker color palettes.  

On the other hand, plywood is sturdier but requires more maintenance to keep its color consistent. It’s commonly used as a roof decking material for a country-style home or a home with a rustic, woodsy vibe that calls for a more rugged design, such as a log cabin. 

Concrete Roof Decking 

It is best for those looking for a sleek, modern look. Although it is one of the most expensive options, concrete roof decking is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance. It is very long-lasting and doesn’t fade or stain. It also has a good insulating value, and it’s lightweight.  

But it doesn’t have the visual appeal of wood decking. It also may not fit in with the surrounding aesthetic of a particular home. But if you want to make your ceiling look clean, this option is for you.  

If you’re considering getting this roof decking material, you can choose from structural concrete, structural concrete composite, and lightweight insulating. Structural concrete roof decking is durable. It also comes in various colors, including dark grey, red, and black.  

Structural concrete roof decking can be installed on a sloped roof and is suitable for very hot or cold climate conditions. It will not discolor or fade over time. However, you have to take precautionary measures to ensure that your roof concrete decking is sealed. If you live in a cold area, you may want to seal your concrete to prevent freeze damage. You can also give your roof decking a protective coating to prevent it from getting dirty or damaged.  

Another available option is concrete composite roof decking. However, the downside is that it wears out faster than some other options. So, it won’t last as long as other roof decking materials. But it is a lot of fun to look at. It is great for those who love a country-style or classic house and want a roof deck reminiscent of the 1960s or 1970s. 

On the other hand, lightweight insulating is a great choice for a more modern, sleek, and minimalist aesthetic. It’s best for homes where you don’t need a lot of insulation. The best place to install it is on the roof deck, but you can install it on the interior ceilings as well. It’s a great way to make your home look streamlined, but it retains a more traditional feel. 

Steel Roof Decking 

Steel roof decks offer a variety of benefits, such as a low installation cost and maintenance-free durability that can last for decades. It is the most cost-effective option and is also easy to install. It adds architectural flair to your home and can be made to look like concrete or brick. But it has a different look, and you will need to choose a color that works with your home’s interior design.  

You can also choose from various sizes or customize it to your needs. It’s a versatile choice for those who want to combine steel’s durability with a distinct and eye-catching aesthetic. Steel offers the best insulation of all the roof decking materials and is usually installed with an insulation layer on top. It is a popular choice for new homes and remodeling projects with a durable and attractive look. 

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Are You Looking for Corrugated Steel Decking for Your Roof? 

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