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We’re ready to handle any corrugated Metal Deck, Metal Roofing, Joist and accessories your project may require.

Our Products

Roof Deck

Wide Rib B Deck

The B-Deck is a corrugated sheet made from galvanized steel for roofing, flooring, and siding applications.

Steel Composite Floor Deck

Steel Composite Deck offers embossments or louvers, on the risers of deck for better adherence of the concrete, and to hold the concrete form in place.

Concrete Composite Decking
Vented Roof Deck

Vented Roof Deck

This upgraded B-Deck allows for faster concrete curing by allowing the water excess water to leave the deck through the vents.

Joists & Bars

All Joist supplied by Miami Metal Deck are manufactured by a Member of the Steel Joist Institute

Concrete Composite Decking

Tables & Load-Span
Resource Guide

Download Miami Metal Deck Load-Span & Specifications Tables